Prices & Reservation

We are here to assist you in securing a one-of-a-kind venue, and ask you to please consider these guidelines to ensure a successful event.

Thalatta Estate Fees:

All rentals are subject to prior written approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation and/or Village Manager.

Weekday Rates (Mon-Thurs):

  • Garden Lawn: $825
  • Outdoor Terrace and pond area: $1,375 (max capacity 200)
  • Ceremony Area: $195
  • Covered Terrace: $550 (max capacity 40)
  • Bride/Groom Suite $250
  • Education Room $150
  • String Lights-one set $350
  • String Lights-two sets $550 
  • Package Rate $2,750 (Package rate includes the entire facility except the string lights)

Saturday Rates:

  • Package Only: $4,600 (Package rate includes the entire facility except the string lights)

Weekend Rates (Friday and Sunday and all Village-recognized holidays)

  • Garden Lawn: $1,457
  • Outdoor Terrace and pond area: $2,475
  • Ceremony Area: $605
  • Covered Terrace: $1,100
  • Bride/Groom Suite $550
  • Education Room $350
  • String Lights-one set $550
  • String Lights-two sets $750
  • Package Rate $4,600 (Package rate includes the entire facility except the string lights)

*All Seniors age 65 and over shall receive a ten percent (10%) discount for Thalatta rentals. Senior must be the primary user.


  • $1,000 refundable damage/clean-up deposit for any of the above rentals required 30 days prior to event date.
  • Package rate includes the entire facility except for the string lights.
  • Saturday rentals are restricted to package rate only! Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Village Manager and/or designee 30 days prior to event date.
  • Events exceeding 200 guests will require prior written approval from the village and may be subject to additional fees.
  • Valet parking is required on all events over 50 guests. Permittee must obtain valet service through company currently under contract to provide such service for the Village of Palmetto Bay, at existing contractual rate.
  • A parking fee of $300 plus tax is also applicable, if valet is required.
  • Permittee is required to pay a facility service fee at a rate of $2.50 per guest 30 days prior to the event date.
  • All caterers must provide a copy of all state catering, county licensing and certificate of insurance naming the Village of Palmetto Bay/Thalatta Estate as additional insured must be provided to the village 30 days prior to event date.
  • Any and all vendors must remit a damage/clean-up deposit in the amount of $500 and a completed Vendor Permit form.Vendors may choose to remit for contracted event dates or keep continuous deposit on file throughout the established season or annually.
  • All vendors must breakdown and remove all equipment, set-ups, supplies, etc., no later than 2 hours following the established event end time. This includes loaned or rented items such as flower vases and/or stands; etc. Vendors shall be assessed (from established deposit) a fee of $200 per hour (or any part of hour) beyond the required load-out deadline.
  •  Absolutely no sub-contractors will be allowed on the property without prior notification to the Village, receipt of required insurance certifications and approvals. 
  • Following pre-event load-in, all vendors must park vendor vehicles in the adjacent Deering Point parking lot. This includes employees of vendors. 
  • Vendors agree to participate in a walk-thru inspection with assigned Village staff and sign-off on results. Any vendor failing to complete this post-event inspection must accept the findings of the Village and be responsible for any charges assessed.
  • Any and all load-in and/or load-out must occur with vendor trucks, vans, cars, etc., parked on asphalted areas only. At no time may vehicles park on pavered areas.
  • A minimum of two security officers are required for all events over 50 guests. Permittee is to utilize the security services of the village's authorized vendor, who is under contract to provide security services. Additional security, beyond minimum security requirements may be required at the discretion of the village manager, in consultation with the village's police department.
  • Should it be discovered that Permittee has underestimated the number of guests attending, the Village reserves the right to arrange for additional services and recapture said expenditures from the Permittee’s damage/clean-up deposit.
  • Weekends include Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all Village recognized holidays.
  • All fees are subject to applicable sales tax.
  • Permittee acknowledges that fees are subject to change.

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Reservation and Payment

  1. All rental agreements, which shall be uniform, as developed by the village attorney, shall be arranged through the Parks and Recreation Department and are subject to the approval of the village manager, or his/her designee, at his/her sole discretion.
  2. Reservations for rentals are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. A signed, rental permit application and an initial payment equal to fifty percent (50%) of the entire rental fee is due at the time of rental application submittal. No date shall be considered as confirmed until fully executed rental application and initial payments are received.
  4. The rental deposit equal to 50 percent of the entire rental fee is refundable within the first 60 days (provided the request for refund is not within 59-days of event date) after the permittee has signed the rental agreement. Any notice of cancellation must be received in writing to the Village of Palmetto Bay prior to the expiration of the 60-day time period in order to receive a refund. Refund checks will be mailed to the permittee within four to six weeks of receipt of cancellation.
  5. Permittee must pay the outstanding balance for an event a minimum of 30 days prior to the event; along with the $1,000 security deposit check.
  6. For rentals that are initiated less than 30 days to the event, the full rental amount is due at the time the rental agreement is signed and delivered to the Village of Palmetto Bay. All payments must be made in the form of cashier's check, money order or credit card. 
  7. All payments should be made to “The Village of Palmetto Bay.” Any payments made within 30 days prior to the event must be made in the form of cashier’s check, money order or credit card only. The Village of Palmetto Bay reserves the right to retain deposit and cancel any events that have unpaid balances 30 days prior to the event date. For cancellations made within 30 days of the event date, Permittee is financially responsible for total amount of rental fee, and no refunds will be granted.

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  1. Permittee is responsible for confirming the planned and/or anticipated actions of all subcontractors and/or vendors, which may include but are not limited to party planners, entertainers, florists, caterers, musicians, security guards, etc. All subcontractors’ and/or vendors are required to be registered with the Village of Palmetto Bay, and remit the required $500 damage/clean-up deposit for each event booked. Said vendor registration process requires submittal of contact information; a certificate of liability insurance naming the Village of Palmetto Bay as additional insured, including general, automotive, liquor and/or products liability coverage based on provided services; copy of licenses (as may be required for profession and/or business); description of vehicles; description of uniforms employees will be wearing; and execution of the village’s standard form indemnification agreement – indemnifying the village.
  2. Permittee is responsible for ensuring that all subcontractors and vendors are aware of the village’s rules and regulations and verify completion of required registration, deposits and documentation at least thirty (30) days prior to the event date. A complete list of vendors with contacts (names and phone numbers) must be provided two weeks prior to the event. The caterer must schedule an appointment with the village’s events and program coordinator or designee to familiarize themselves with Thalatta Park. Catering Permits will not be issued unless appointment is made, and all requirements are met.
    Note: Kitchen area is for food prep/warming only. Absolutely no cooking of any kind/manner is allowed. Caterers shall identify any exterior cooking planned; methodology and follow all requirements and/or safeguards as mandated by the Village. Misconduct by any vendor or assigned sub-contractor may result in temporary or permanent banning from future bookings at Thalatta Estate.

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Event Setup

  1. Permittees are responsible for ensuring that their subcontractors and/or vendors provide sufficient extension cords, electrical panels, etc. to cover the event’s electrical needs. Extension cords must be taped down/covered to prevent tripping, ensuring the safety of guests and/or event patrons/staff. Any electrical modifications to electrical panel must be submitted in writing and detailed by a licensed electrician or contractor for Village review and approval. Permits may be required as applicable. Permittee agrees to provide and all electrical requirements anticipated, including total amps needed, which may result in the use of a generator. Should this be the case, Permittee agrees to the procurement of a generator, to be operated by a licensed and insured operator, and to be located in a safe and secured area to be approved by the Village.
  2. Failure to notify the parks recreation department of electrical requirements may result in inadequate power or power failure and repairs will be at the expense of the Permittee.
  3. Permittee or permittee’s representative must be on-site to accept deliveries and oversee set up. The village staff will not act as permittee representative and will not accept or sign for deliveries.
  4. Emergency exits, doors, windows, driveways, stairs, or ramps to and from the public areas must not be blocked at any time.

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Valet Parking is required on all events exceeding 50 guests. Permittee is to utilize the valet service of the village’s authorized vendor that has a contract to provide such service for the Village of Palmetto Bay. Permittee is to advise the parks and recreation department at least ten days prior to the event of the use of a chartered bus service, which service would be used to facilitate attendee drop-off and parking. No parking is allowed on private property of neighboring residents or within the swale areas of the village.

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Time Restrictions

  1. Weddings, receptions, parties and special events must comply with the Village’s noise ordinance #04-24 [sections 15-21—15-60] and amplified music must conclude by 11:00pm. Any and all amplified music must not exceed levels mandated by the Village Code; i.e: 65 decibels. No time extensions will be granted past 11:00pm.
  2. Alcoholic beverages service must conclude at least one hour prior to an event’s ending time.

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  1. Village Manager or designee must approve any auction, sale, games of chance, or other such fundraising ventures in accordance with applicable village, county and/or state laws/ordinances/statues.
  2. A permit to conduct business on the Village of Palmetto Bay’s park property may be required.

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Alcohol Use

If liquor is sold and/or consumed during event, an appropriate liquor license must be obtained by contracted vendor and displayed at event. Prior to the event, Permittee must provide the Parks & Recreation Director or designee with a copy of the liquor license together with a liquor liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 which names the Village of Palmetto Bay as an additional insured. Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. Violation of this term shall be grounds for immediate termination of this Permit and forfeiture of any security deposit or monies paid. Additionally, Permittee assumes responsibility for his/her guest and/or attendees, gated or otherwise invited, regarding the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed to ensure no one departs the events impaired and unable to safely operate a vehicle and may endanger himself/herself or others.

Note: Policy shall allow alcohol to be served at approved functions at Thalatta Estate and Ludovici Park, upon the prior written authorization of the Village Manager or designee.

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Restrictions and Prohibited Items

  1. Painting, spray painting, the spraying of cleaning solutions, pesticides or aerosols is not permitted.
  2. Smoking is permitted at Thalatta Estate in designated smking areas only.
  3. Fireworks or open flames (example, tiki torches) are not permitted on any part of park property. Use of sparkles, confetti, horse/carriage and/or the like must be requested in advance along with a detailed description of safeguards in place to protect all guest and venue. The cost of any required additional clean-up will be deducted from the security deposit.
  4. Decorations shall in no way damage the property, buildings, or furnishings and artifacts. On site furniture, artwork, and display items may not be moved. Any and all costs for damages to property, buildings, furnishings, artwork, or display items will be charged against the security deposit and additional charges may be assessed against permittee.
  5. No alteration, trimming, or cutting of any plants or trees, including sea grasses is allowed. Tree climbing is not permitted. Hunting, fishing, handling, harassing, or disturbing the wildlife is not allowed.
  6. Only service animals for persons with disabilities are permitted at park facility.
  7. Placement of any item on the grass is subject to the approval of the Parks & Recreation Director or designee. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in additional charges, suspension of privilege of hosting the event or a loss of the security deposit.
  8. No dumping of any substance is allowed on the grounds, or surrounding areas. This includes any grease, oils and/or charcoals which may have been used during exterior cooking. All exterior cooking must include a protective mat or ground cover to catch any drippings, etc., onto pavered or grassed areas.
  9. All matters of set-up, decorations, etc. shall be coordinated through the Village’s Program and Events Coordinator and/or designated staff person.
  10. Permittee may rent or arrange for use, a golf cart for transporting guests to and from the waterside ceremony area. Travel should be along the raised berm along the northern perimeter. Once the ceremony has concluded and guest are participating in the reception and/or scheduled activity, use of the golf cart to make periodic travel to the bay throughout the evening is prohibited.

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Event Clean Up and Breakdown

  1. Permittee is responsible for all event clean up and/or ensuring that their contracted vendors are aware of all rules and clean up responsibilities. When permittee and/or contracted vendor leaves the park facility, the facility should look as it did when permittee arrived. Failure to adhere to clean up rules may result in additional charges, and/or a loss of the security deposit. Should the event warrant, permittees are encouraged to obtain a private vendor and/or contractual services to accommodate litter control, etc. during the event, as well as post-event clean-up. Any labor required by the village personnel to clean the event site will be done so at an additional charge of $200.00 per hour, deductible from the security deposit. Any balance over the security deposit amount due to clean up shall be invoiced to the permittee.
  2. The village will provide trash cans and liners as needed. All trash must be removed and dumped in appropriate dumpsters located on the property. The village hourly clean-up fee as described in Paragraph 29 [subsection (i)(1)] above shall be imposed for failure to properly dispose of trash/trash bags.

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Building Condition and Appearance

Permittee agrees to accept the event site in “as-is” condition. By executing this permit, permittee shall be deemed to have accepted the event site in acceptable order, condition.

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Property Damage Repair and/or Replacement

Any village property, which is damaged or destroyed during permittee’s event, will be subject to repair, replacement or recompense at the sole cost to the permittee. Where necessary, the security deposit will fund repair, replacement, or recompense to damaged or destroyed property. Where necessary, the village reserves the right to collect from permittee any charges and/or damages not covered by the security deposit. Permittee agrees to reimburse the village within 30 days upon proof from the village of damages, repairs made, and costs incurred in effectuating the repairs.

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Inclement Weather

The permittee should establish a backup plan in case of inclement weather. At no time shall the Village of Palmetto Bay be responsible or liable for inclemenet or bad weather that may in any way affect Permittee’s event (s) being held at a village park. Upon issuance of a tropical storm and/or hurricane watch or warning for Miami-Dade County, the Village of Palmetto Bay closes to the public and prepares for the approaching store. Events scheduled for days in which a storm watch or warning is issued for Miami-Dade County will be cancelled. The permittee may select an alternate available date on which to hold their event at the village park. If the permittee chooses to fully cancel their event at the village park due to its closing by a storm watch or warning, a refund of monies paid by the permittee will be granted upon written notification of cancellation by permittee to the village. The Village of Palmetto Bay shall in no way be held responsible for any other costs resulting from a closure due to inclement weather, including a storm watch or warning.

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Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. Permittee agrees to adhere to all instructions of the Village of Palmetto Bay’s staff and/or representatives.
  2. Permittee agrees to abide by all federal, state, and local laws.
  3. The Village of Palmetto Bay reserves the right to remove from premises any person(s) behaving in a manner considered to be potentially harmful or detrimental to the Village of Palmetto Bay and/or other event guests.
  4. The Village of Palmetto Bay reserves the right to cancel this permit at any time, with or without notice, in the event that any term, condition, or promise in this permit has been or is being violated. In such event, there will be no reimbursement or credit towards any fee previously paid or any free still owing and the Village of Palmetto Bay will not be responsible for any consequential damages. The village also reserves the right to cancel this permit in the interest of public safety or in the event of an emergency. The village will in no way be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from a closure decision due to an emergency or a closure decision made in the interest of public safety.
  5. Permittee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Village of Palmetto Bay and its officers, employees, agents and instrumentalities from any and all liability, losses, or damages, including attorney’s fees and costs of defense, which the village or its officers, employees, agents, or instrumentalities may incur as a result of claims, demands, suits, causes of actions or proceedings of any kind or nature arising out of, relating to or resulting from the performance of this permit by the permittee or its employees, agents, servants, partners, principals, subcontractors, or vendors. Permittee shall pay all claims and losses in connection there with and shall investigate and defend all claims, suits or actions of any kind or nature in the name of the village, where applicable, including appellate proceedings, and shall pay all costs, judgments, and attorney’s fees which may issue thereon.
  6. Application is not accepted and date is not reserved unless this document is signed and submitted along with the attached original permit application and required deposits. 

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